November 10, 2010


Working a plan one step at a time!

I’ve blogged about it before.. having a plan, checking it twice, knowing which step is naughty and nice…. no, wait, thats Santa! Well…. what I mean is checking the steps and then moving forward one at a time, completing each of the smaller baby steps before moving onto the next big step. Today I’m proud to share that my wife has been working a plan to be “Holiday Ready” before they begin and this year she’s not only on track to being a stress free holiday person, but one who literally has everything planned and staged out ready to go!

How did this come about? Through years of having a stack of unsent cards found behind the TV after the holidays, “Awww.. MAN! Well… they’re ready for next year!” Basically that sums it up. There are other things, but thats definitely the catalyst of how it was determined that this year she was going to work  a plan all year long to have shopping for the kids done early, have gifts for friends and family completed and ready to distribute, to have the kitchen in order for cooking for guests, and to have any of the upcoming holiday activities on the calendar so everything can be planned with commitments and no overlaps.

The plan was worked from far enough out time wise that larger steps, such as the acquisition of gifts, was done over a months long period of time whereas the infamous list of Christmas cards is actually in edit now with final address collecting being turned over to me to complete. With all of these little steps complete that leaves us open for the fun stuff.. the time shared with friends at various gatherings with the catalyst being Christmas day with the kids receiving their gifts.

This planning and working of the plan is absolutely duplicable into all areas of life from working your small home business to the a camping trip on the river. Staying focused on the end goal while working on the baby steps that need to be completed before stepping into the next major step in the course of completing the plan.

If you’re reading this and think that coaching can help get you create or complete goals and plans you have, give me a call at 239-878-2328 or email me at and lets get to work!

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