October 30, 2010


Why Volunteer?

by ColinBulla
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Today and tomorrow I am spending part of my day volunteering. For the most part, when volunteering my role are seemingly in insignificant roles.. but when you look at it, in the world of events that require volunteers its part of being the team that works as a whole series of smaller jobs to create a large end result that many shared in creating. No matter what your role volunteering, there are some amazing benefits as well.

Lets first look at the personal benefits. Depending upon where you volunteer and what you’re willing or capable to do, a person can learn new skills, expand on skills they already have, enjoy some physical fitness activities, learn about their local or a new environment, and attain a sense of personal satisfaction.

The non-personal side also has some great benefits. Again, depending upon your opportunity that you choose, you may be making a difference in an animals life making them adoptable to a prospective family, cleaning fishing line from shore lines saving birds and other animals from senseless deaths due to entanglement, or even providing a little color and ambiance for a social event educating people on the area’s history. There is a bonus to being a volunteer as well. If you’re one of those who complains of hardly knowing anyone, you’ll have the opportunity to socially network with many people who have a common interest. This networking can yield new friends or even open up new business opportunities… or you could meet that person who you’ll create the relationship of your dreams with.

Regardless of your reasons, take advantage of volunteering and the opportunity to change your life while making a difference for others!

If you’re reading this and thinking that coaching may help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Colin Bulla, at 239-878-2328 or send me an EMail!

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