January 26, 2011


Why Team?

Why Team? This question shows up now and again when I’m doing business. It’s not understood why, if I can do a process by myself, I choose to assemble a small team or find myself in the company of others to create a team approach. As in anything, the greatest strengths which may be provided are also its Achilles heel and todays advantage could be tomorrows downfall. Some individual discretion or even agreements made when creating a team to achieve specific goals. So lets examine this a little further.

The first thing I think of when I think about a team is the multiple talents being brought together. In ideal settings everyone has offsetting talents, but thats not always the case. Over years of experience, many of us have worked with enough people to know personalities and people whom we work well with together and will seek them out, or people like them, to help fulfill quests. The bonus is we also learn about those people who you don’t like working with, quickly identifying them in future meetings or interviews as set about avoiding having in future employment or business relations.

Two heads are better than one! A continuation of the previous, not only talents brought to the table, but experience shaped opinions which can be brought up. With 5 people with 5 different ideas brings up 25 options faster than just one person trying to solve the problem alone. Is it any wonder that NASA has a team of engineers assigned to space flights? The power that a team has to create results trumps an individual any day!

Esprit de Corps! Yes, a little team spirit! That team spirit of being commonly assembled to divide responsibilities and conquer a problem feeds the human spirit. The human spirit thrives on being accepted, being a part of a ‘team’ and success. Team spirit can be so infectious that it attracts fans who come out to watch the team do its job! NASA gets huge turn outs for every shuttle launch, the NFL sells tickets and fan gear to football fans.. you can sell tickets and ‘team’ T-shirts at team functions.. well, maybe.. but you get the point.

If you’re struggling to “do something myself” consider working with a team… together we can help get things done!

Colin Bulla is a Certified Life Coach and Professional Network Marketer. Call 239-878-2328 or email colin@colinbulla.com to arrange an interview to receive coaching or to work with his amazing networking team of sharp men and women changing their financial stars!


  1. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y- composed…..let this message be seen by many so they no longer have to “do something by themselves”

  2. ColinBulla says:

    Thanks Diane, that really means a lot to read that comment.. you get it!

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