February 3, 2011


Why Life Coach?

Recently, I’ve had a few friends ask why I chose the path of Life Coach and the path that I chose to pursue it as she was curious herself.. My reply to a  friend yesterday really was on of the best answers to date and I thought I’d share that forward.

It’s kind of funny.. the trek to life coaching is different for everyone, in fact, a friend who recently was certified as a life is also a personal trainer as is the guy who I worked with to get certified, David Essel. My choice to work with David came after doing some basic work and interviewing coaches from all over the world on their thoughts, approach, and philosophies. As I’ve grown past the weekend workshops, went into growth treks, my own spiritual journey paths, I started looking for a person who was a coach who had ‘been there, done it, not scared to talk about their own failures and successes’ and after meeting David for a 1 hour breakfast interview… I knew I was going to be doing work with him. I guess he got me more than I did as he brought me under his wing within a few weeks and began the most amazing growth/mentoring process.

On my website, www.colinbulla.com, I have a brief about what it is as a life coach I do. I think I need to rewrite it I think… it was written when I was still fresh working with some changes. The coaching I’m doing now vs. years before has taken a new depth and meaning where clients I work with are truly delving into themselves, chasing that ‘one thing’ that holds them back from truly having what it is they truly want and working towards it until they achieve it. Funny thing.. sometimes we realize its a false trail and that it may really be something else. But thats another story all together.

Day to day.. well.. I run a webhosting company and am a professional network marketer with Numis Network. I live more or less by the philosophy of the 4 hour work week where I create specific plans, follow them, and really do my best not to allow my life to be ruled by what I do for income. I work to keep my coaching hours to Sunday evening between 7 and 9:30, Tuesday between 4 and 8 and w/th open for reschedules (it happens.. life works funny like that). The other business fills in about the same around the coaching and such is how it works. I take time to play with my kids, I take time to be outside listening to the birds talking, I take time to kayak or hike, or like today, I’m at my friends Cafe supporting her with WordPress 101 and how she can manage her own website and write the articles she wants to write.

The time invested with David started back in May and my wife and I have taken coursework through Master Life Coach. Some people completed faster some are still working on completion of work. We’re both working actively with clients since our Level II was complete. If you want to know more about David, check outhttp://lifecoachuniverse.com/, or run his name through youtube.com and start watching videos.

Regardless of the path of your work, believe your gut instinct over everyone else’s hype and enthusiasm.. it’ll take to you exactly where you need and want to be 🙂

Hope that helps someone who may be curious about changing their own career options or growing personally as well!

Colin Bulla is a Certified Life Coach and Professional Network Marketer. Call 239-878-2328 or email colin@colinbulla.com to arrange an interview to receive coaching or to work with his amazing networking team of sharp men and women changing their financial stars!

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