July 5, 2012


Whats been happening…

by ColinBulla
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Many people are already aware that I’ve moved my family from my birthpalce and hometown of Ft Myers, Florida to the Charlotte, NC area. The geographical shift seemed to coordinate with so many other events in our family it was as if we had been given the biggest opportunity in life to make all the changes we wanted to have but give up some in the process. One of the things that gave was my fathers life as Congestive Heart Failure caught up with him and he passed away on August 12, 2011. That was the start of a series of events that over 2 weeks cascaded into a road trip to New York with a stop in North Carolina and back through the same route. By the time we returned home from our trip that was extended with some illnesses, etc., plans were being made to move and I was taking an upper level position with a company in the Charlotte, NC area in my area of expertise, Technology.

Over the course of several months, a house was found and finally purchased, a house was cleared out and essentials packed, a family was moved to a temporary location, a family was moved to a real home, and unpacking happened. Outdoor pets have had outdoor accommodations built and a few new ones have joined. Additionally we had a challenge of a vehicle that was reaching the end of its service life that needed to be replaced. Holidays and a few birthdays also found themselves interspersed into all of this.

It’s been an amazing how much shift of energy there has been and how resilient the family has been. Without the embracing of the changes by my wife and kids this would have been much tougher. I look forward to putting the lessons and learned from this experience into words and sharing!

Now as Summer has set in full heat.. its time to start writing again..

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