January 27, 2011


What is FEAR?

What is FEAR? Is it really Forget Everything And Run, that innate fight or flight instinct within us? What really stimulates FEAR, even if it’s subtle or unconscious that basically freezes us into inaction? Enough with the questions, lets dive in!

FEAR in the respect which I am referring to it is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. Those times when we have absolutely no evidence that what we are paralyzed by actually exists anywhere but in our minds. Whether it’s based on the inability to commit to a business, job, or even a relationship fully because of a past experience which sets up a mental road block to redirect our path, sometimes without even consciously realizing it!

What stimulates FEAR? It could be just about anything. For instance, a person with a fear of heights could have their fear stimulated by the mere idea of leaving good old Terra Firma to climb 2 flights of open metal stairs. Conversely that fear could be totally under wraps until that person has their hands on the rail at the top ready to go over the edge to rappel to the ground, even though they’re completely safe and tied into a safety harness. The same can happen in a relationship, business opportunity, or by the wearing of certain clothes.

Well great.. something that can paralyze action without our even knowing it. What do you do to overcome FEAR?

The first big step to overcoming it is to have it positively identified. I have to be honest and say that while you may initially believe you’ve identified this fear quickly as you identify hold ups, most likely you’re going to be wrong. Thats not to say that you might not have a grasp of it quickly, but the likelihood is pretty low. Don’t let that be discouraging, usually whatever comes up initially is exactly where you need to start anyway and much good work at revealing this FEAR will come from the process of delving into and alleviating this FEAR. The good news is the more you dig at this mound of sand and its perfectly reforming  its natural 25-30 degree slopes that make you wonder if you’re making progress at all, sooner or later you find the hidden little FEAR that has been denied, delayed and procrastinated being chased after the most. As David Essel puts it so eloquently into a simple phrase, the One Thing theory.

See, its not about achieving this magical Balance in life with its elusive opportunity to find beautiful symmetry all around you, its digging through the stories and redirecting FEAR’s till the root reason is found. Until then, we’re chasing our tails never fully realizing our own potential.

Colin Bulla is a Certified Life Coach and Professional Network Marketer. Call 239-878-2328 or email colin@colinbulla.com to arrange an interview to receive coaching or to work with his amazing networking team of sharp men and women changing their financial stars!

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  1. Mary Anne says:

    Fear is….The self created illusion that joy or love is absent…the illusion is based in the belief that we lack anything and that we are separated for that which we truly are. This illusion can work towards are benefit though as it leads us in the direction knowing who we really are. There are many different approaches to dealing with this and shifting ones feeling and thoughts works well…you do not always have to dig down to find the root cause… the root belief maybe but beliefs can be shifted as well.

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