November 16, 2010


Weakest Links…

I thought I would continue with this since it seems to be a working hot topic of my own sense of being at the moment. It was discussed on my coaching calls today and yesterday, and again while working on calling people in the pursuit of building my team for Numis Network, I am finding myself going through phone contacts, putting calls out. Still no return. I’m not sure why, sure it could be a coincidental 97 people with diphtheria or something odd like that, or it could be that they’re not receiving their messages. Regardless, my reflection of the communications in the past with many of these contacts… or lack there of.

And thus the continued ZEN of my phone contacts and Facebook connections of people who despite the best of intentions when exchanging phone numbers, emails, facebook connections, etc., reality is my vision for connecting to people and theirs are drastically different. I want people who are positive, interactive, and not shy to share something about my actions or a post. I’m noticing that many of these people I’m working on connecting to are merely the antithesis of that, possibly having used creating a Facebook account so they aren’t judged as not technologically hip for not having one… possibly not returning calls because they’re not really interested in being a friend or associate anyway but exchanged numbers to look good by saying yes instead of “oh, no… you’re not really who I want to have around”

Here’s the scoop. If you share your phone number, be prepared to answer the phone or return a call. If you share your email, be prepared to reply to one. If you have a Facebook or other social networking account, be prepared to utilize it. The results of failing to do any of the above truly makes it appear as if your disingenuine, lacking of integrity or the ability to communicate.

If you’re familiar with the show “The Weakest Link”, you’re already familiar with the concept of a team only being as strong as its weakest link. In terms of friends, associates, and in the case of many of us, contacts, it is those who are simply taking up storage space with no intentions of being anything more than an observer who are the weakest links. By eliminating the weaker links and making room for new, stronger links to come in, we’re able to make changes in the direction of our life.

Sometimes we just have to clean house and remove those who are the Weakest Links…

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