May 8, 2010


Visualize this…

Days like yesterday can only be measured by the person who lived it, sometimes by the people who observed and took pictures of it… but rarely is it that the reader can actually envision in the mind and mentally see, touch, smell, feel what it is like. So imagine if you will the starting of your day by spending an hour engrossed into the time growing spiritually and mentally. The wrapping up of that time is ushered in by finalizing preparations then going to the beach for a few hours to step away from the infusion of technology. Embracing the spring nature of life in the Caribbean and standing in the shallows you’re able to observe the gentle nature of cow nosed rays swimming around the warm water and surfing the small waves as they play. Being slightly knowledgeable of how to identify sea animals you’ve also noted these are all female rays around you. Your peripheral vision picks up the gentle rolling glide of porpoise a little further out.. you can’t help but notice how calm and clear the water is today, like the perfect salt water pool to relax and recharge in and around. Some friends are there as well and you find yourself engaged in conversations that range from benign to intellectually provoking. Later, while relaxing sitting on the sand your glad you brought your guitar and just begin to play to have fun and release the mind even further… you can’t help but notice others around you have tuned in and are in the same mindset of enjoying the whole ambiance as well.. as time to go home and take care of other obligations approaches you slowly draw back to the mindset necessary to drive but are cautious not to bring yourself to far past that. For the rest of the afternoon you hold onto that relaxed, free of spirit and stress feeling which simply fuels the rest of the day to just glide by in a soft relaxed bliss.

I hope I was able to share a little vision of what yesterday was like for me and the gratitude I feel for being able to live it!

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