November 19, 2010


Try something different!!

For some time now, my primary method of getting out and prospecting for new people to enroll into Numis or meet new folks for life coaching has been to get in the car, drive somewhere, see who was around and see who I could make small talk with. Today was something different. The car stayed parked, I grabbed my backpack, and hit the trails. My goal was to go to every real estate, accounting, or gold and silver type business in the area and introduce myself and share what I am doing for a living.

Now this was doing things different! Leaving the sanctuary of the car, the ambiguity of the phone, the androgyny of the computer.. meeting face to face, shaking hands. The old way of doing business… but just as important, at least to me, getting to know more local entrepreneurs in the local business community.

While it didn’t create any new Numis reps or life coaching clients, it did achieve the knowledge of now knowing the names of quite a few new people, learning about businesses that have opened in last year to last few months in the area, and I now know which ones have shut their doors and moved on…

By virtual of Law of Attraction this also created 3 new appointments for me to follow up on that all came in via phone calls. I’m certain that had I not been out working at getting these people I would be in the same spot as Thursday.

If at first you don’t succeed, try something different.. the results can astound you!

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