January 24, 2011


To Take a Stand

I know I missed yesterdays blog. The best laid plans of mice and men and such.. I did not get home until well past midnight, hours past my intended and expected time of return. However, it was for a good cause…

There are times when gut instinct about family and friendships drives a person to take a stand for, i.e. be in very active relations with to support a change in their life. It could be a stand for lifestyle change, physical or mental health, or any combination of them that can be conceived.  Or it simply could be being that ROCK that a friend(s) or family can count on to be there when needed in tough or swaying times. Quite simply, it is an unselfish act of love for others without expectation of anything in return.

To take a stand for others is not always understood by those who may not be involved with the relationships.. even ridiculed by those who have never had someone take a stand for them.

For those who have had that friend, friends, or family members take a stand for you.. to be your rocks, to be a voice of reason when asked… to see it paid forward or even reciprocated at a later time is a gift that is not easily put into words.

For those I was able to be in service reciprocating, sharing, and paying forward to this past weekend.. thank you for letting me be there for you as others have been there for me!

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