January 11, 2011


To Assumption and Beyond!

Life has a fun way of directing experiences our way that shape our thoughts and actions towards one another. Our actions or communications reflect these assumptions, sometimes so subconsciously that its not even realized, unless we’re actively staying aware of our own thoughts.

So what is assumption?

Assumption is a reflection of your own inner feelings towards something. i.e. if you assume a persons comments were positive, you assumed they look it favorably like you do, if you assume they’re comment negative, you to see it as negative as well.

Why is that?

The short answer for that is its our own Human nature. Relatively few people are willing to just go against the grain and do their own thing regardless of what others may think. We seek out others who may share these same thoughts and provocations of the soul and we band together to create cliques and subcultures in our own communities, which is a larger form of assumed association of like thoughts and actions by others.

Are these assumptions false?

Only you can know the answer to that. Are you actions really creating the positive atmosphere you wish to have around you? Are they creating the results you want? Are you getting the enjoyment out of life you dreamed about growing up? Are you making that difference in the world you talked about being as you grew into adulthood? Are you holding back because you assume others will judge you for your actions? Are you making the assumption that its hard to break habits you’ve held on to? Are you assuming you know what another person meant when they left a statement or asked a question?

Use today to step beyond the assumptions and fear.. start pursuing the lifestyle you dream of!

Colin Bulla is a Certified Life Coach and Professional Network Marketer. Call 239-878-2328 or email colin@colinbulla.com to arrange an interview to receive coaching or to work with his amazing networking team of sharp men and women changing their financial stars!

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  1. AWESOME post Colin…now if this message can be seen by the masses, I am confident the world would be so much happier 🙂


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