June 25, 2010


Thoughts on oil..

I couldn’t help but think about the topic of OIL this week. Who couldn’t, it’s in our faces, the Gulf of Mexico, washing up on our beaches. One thing that has had me thinking is that there seems to be this focus that “We’re oil dependent” and a belief that just changing from using it as a fuel source is going to make a magical change in everything overall. Just looking around my bedroom as I pondered the proposition, I was drawn from one thing to another which in some way had a byproduct of oil in it. Then it hit me, what a sham and how narrow minded the thinking is that if we do something else for powering our toys we’re magically saving the earth.

Being the technology suave guy I am I began to surf the Internet to look up “Byproducts Made From Crude Oil”. Answer.com had a short list then a link… I couldn’t help but look at the list looking at how many things have NOTHING to do with energy at all?? How many fall under personal hygiene? Food, clothing, shelter, transportation and personal hygiene are all impacted by this concept of changing fuel sources. I’m not “Pro-oil” but I can’t help but look at this list and wonder how just how much of our lives will be impacted by no longer consuming oil…

Site : http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_important_byproducts_of_crude_oil
Bitumen for roads and roofing, Fuel for ships and factories, Lubricating oils, waxes, polishes
Diesel fuel, Jet fuel, Petrol, Chemicals, Liquefied petroleum gas, Others include plastics (Ethylene and propylene), rubbing alcohol, medicines (e. g. Aspirin), rubber, …

From the Artic National Wildlife Refuge website: http://www.anwr.org/features/oiluses.htm

Clothing Ink, Heart Valves, Crayons, Parachutes, Telephones, Enamel, Transparent tape, Antiseptics, Vacuum bottles, Deodorant, Pantyhose, Rubbing Alcohol, Carpets, Epoxy paint, Oil filters, Upholstery, Hearing Aids, Car sound insulation, Cassettes, Motorcycle helmets, Pillows, Shower doors, Shoes, Refrigerator linings, Electrical tape, Safety glass, Awnings, Salad bowl, Rubber cement, Nylon rope, Ice buckets, Fertilizers, Hair coloring, Toilet seats, Denture adhesive, Loudspeakers, Movie film, Fishing boots, Candles, Water pipes, Car enamel, Shower curtains, Credit cards, Aspirin, Golf balls, Detergents, Sunglasses, Glue, Fishing rods, Linoleum, Plastic wood, Soft contact lenses, Trash bags, Hand lotion, Shampoo, Shaving cream, Footballs, Paint brushes, Balloons, Fan belts, Umbrellas, Paint Rollers, Luggage, Antifreeze, Model cars, Floor wax, Sports car bodies, Tires, Dishwashing liquids, Unbreakable dishes, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Combs, Tents, Hair curlers, Lipstick, Ice cube trays, Electric blankets, Tennis rackets, Drinking cups, House paint, Rollerskate wheels, Guitar strings, Ammonia, Eyeglasses, Ice chests, Life jackets, TV cabinets, Car battery cases, Insect repellent, Refrigerants, Typewriter ribbons, Cold cream, Glycerin, Plywood adhesive, Cameras, Anesthetics, Artificial turf, Artificial Limbs, Bandages, Dentures, Mops, Beach Umbrellas, Ballpoint pens, Boats, Nail polish, Golf bags, Caulking, Tape recorders Curtains, Vitamin capsules, Dashboards, Putty, Percolators, Skis, Insecticides, Fishing lures, Perfumes, Shoe polish, Petroleum jelly, Faucet washers, Food preservatives, Antihistamines, Cortisone, Dyes, LP records, Solvents ,Roofing

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