December 15, 2010


The inner Kid!

This week I had a great opportunity to share time with my kids. Thats no surprise to anyone who has been following my blogs. Monday, took the time to a whole new level. Up early, we packed the kids and took off to Disney to redeem our Give-a-day Get-a-day coupons. Since the kids were basically asleep when we left, they had no idea what the scoop was. When they started to wake up, we were most of the drive there and for them it was no different than days that we’ve tripped north to do a day fossiling on the Peace River.

The fun began as our oldest realized that we were in fact on the road that was taking us to the main gates of Disney World. The excited energy started to trickle through the car as the other kids absorbed the concept that today was the day they get to meet Mickey Mouse!

The epitome of the experience was captured for me when we returned to the park after a brief break to the car to have lunch and change into warmer clothes since the temperatures were dropping after a cold front passed. Just after entering the park again we walked into the A Dream Come True led by a family in the Grand Marshal car followed by all the Disney characters and dancers. With my youngest poised on my shoulders and the other two boys in front of me, we had an unobstructed view of the parade as it rounded the main square and out of sight. When Mickey and Minnie came into view, I heard and felt the gasp of excitement of my little one on my shoulders and I could feel the excited energy of the other two in front of me. This went on for the whole parade.. waving, smiling, and bouncing with excitement with each new character making eye contact and waving.

Needless to say I was choked up and on the edge of tears as they were engulfed in living the dream at the Happiest Place on Earth.

It was a more than family time. It was more than an experience. It was a reminder to embrace the inner kid! To encourage the child within each one of us to always keep that dream alive, to follow that dream, to stop selling ourselves short, and to remember what life was like when you had no worries and many dreams!

What dreams are you holding back on? What are you not doing in life because you care what other people think of you? Are you miserable in your J.O.B. and spending as much time day dreaming as you are working? Are you looking for a relationship or in one thats gone stale because you don’t share the same or similar dreams?


  1. michael dawson says:

    i love this blog tonight for a couple reasons. it makes you stop and think on many diffrent levels what dreams are you missing or holding back.we go through life in such a hurry that we miss the oppurtunity to make our dreams happen. as it happens you miss out on alot of memoies when you go hurrying through life….its when you slow down and take the time that real memories are made
    and even dreams become reality

  2. Nancy Hill says:

    This was a wonderful blog. It reminded me about being my inner kid and that I get to create whatever I want.

  3. Ken says:

    There is nothing more real in the world than the enchantment in a child’s eyes. It’s what keeps all of us young.

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