May 10, 2010


The art of Slowing Down

I’m working on slowing down more in my life. For years I have lived the life of the technology guy who is always working on that cutting edge of things that beep, whir, click and has flashing lights all over it. The fun comes from the statutory moments when through the chaos of working within all of this, the moments when reflecting upon the lessons learned and basking in the glow of completing a particularly challenging task. What is it about these moments… what made these moments so special?

Looking at my personal experiences, it was the rare feeling of completion and an obstacle overcome in a job that for the most part has few moments of gratification. To have the moments when slowing down and truly being appreciative of the opportunity to see the results of dumping all the parts out of the box when having rudimentary instructions with a vision of what the end result might look like. I think that to often in life we find ourselves running from project to project, place to place, with a vague idea of what we want and a vague vision of what the end results are wanted to be and this really leaves, as I was experiencing in the technology world, few moments of celebrating of what we have just accomplished.

Strangely, I’ve been looking for way to describe this feeling for a while. In fact, I think I was even looking for permission from someone somewhere to just reign in the run away horses of life and change the path thats been run in circles on for such a long time that there is a familiar worn path that is so well known that even the hard to navigate banked turns are hardly a skilled maneuver anymore.

I’ve been reading and listening to David Essel’s book titled “Slow Down”.. how true it is. In the last week of ‘slowing down’ when time is of my own to create and work with building results, I am finding I am clearer of head and more focused than ever. Just an hour a day before the kids wake up.

I am grateful for David Essel recognizing that I have been working to break the cycle and had been adamantly avoiding recognizing that one little point that is making all the difference in creating this change! Slowing DOWN is making all the difference in the world!

More can be learned about David Essel at his website, or

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