January 31, 2014


Tech Support Service now offered

Well, why not post today. It’s been far to long. No excuses, just a mind that was far more distracted than it should have been and lacked the focus to write.

Many things have happened in the last little more than a year. Family lost, extended family visits, big rains, freezes, a mushroom farm built… and a furlough that everything was done that we knew of to prevent but still came through the ripples to us.

Good and not so good, right? It’s taken me a few months to start to not be so uptight about it all. I hit the ground running knowing I needed to create  cash quickly to keep the bills paid and stuff current. I’m grateful for the support that came in form of donations and those who also let me work for it as well.

Because of you I’ve been inspired to continue moving forward with providing support as a  service going forward. I’ve decided to offer a subscription service providing remote technical support for home and Small to medium size business or SOHO clients. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, click on Tech Support Services at the top of the page or click here: http://www.colinbulla.com/tech-support-services/


If you don’t see something and want to know if its covered or fixable, please feel free to send me an email to ask: colin@colinbulla.com

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