May 8, 2014


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I’ve often talked about my technology background. It’s no secret that I’ve been been working in the field for a while, rarely have I spoken of the trade off for working in this type of industry or environment in regards to its impact on Quality of Life. In fact, I’d never really put much thought into it, though in 2010 and 2011 I did have some very frank discussions with my wife about my physical and mental health after a job at one of the worst places I’ve ever worked unceremoniously came to an end. It was no surprise when the end came, the entire department knew what was coming and to who. Over the next month, and as much to my surprise as not, others in the department were quickly finding their way out to other opportunities before a similar experience happened to them.

In recent months I’ve had that opportunity to really think about my career in technology, and a good friend asked me last week “what is it about Tech that got you started and what keeps you around?”

Those are mighty fine questions and one well worth putting some time to think into. After a week I think I’ve got the start to the answer. Quite simply I’m a tinkerer and thinker. I love to tinker with hardware, build things, see what makes it work or build my own gear. Honestly, its something I haven’t done in a long time as I’ve had limited space to “play”, clean up or close the door till later and play some more.

For those not familiar with the creative mindset, it’s not an 8 hour a day focus, its focus a few times per day, usually with some sort of intensity, with breaks to do things that have nothing to do with what you’re working on. Jobs that are repetitive or monotonous in nature are absolute torture to the person whose creative energy is now sitting idle while the monotony is droning on and on. Often times by the time that creative person has finally earned their freedom from that obligation they’ve lost the moment. Authors have a term called “writers block” that aptly describes the frustration of finding your creative moment when its not there.

In the end what ultimately suffers is the Quality of Life that person is living. While they’re earning money to survive in our ever more expensive world, the quality of life they perceive to be living is low. Who they are is defined by the work they’re doing now, not who they are or what they love to do.

So what do you do when that match of your passion and the path you’re on have seemingly split on the path of life somewhere? How do you work towards shifting the path of life into a Lifestyle that is rewarding and lets you fuel the passion for what you do?

Lets pick that thought up in the next blog…

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