November 7, 2010


Success and progress

I was struggling with an idea to blog about tonight given what I’ve been up to today. I did do some prospecting for Numis and Coaching with some communications out towards prospects, and then I took on working on tasks that needed to be addressed here at the house. When it was all said and done here I was thinking “I’m not really sure what I have done today that went towards what goals I’m working on.”

I was here thinking about and a quote I read last week popped into my head..

“Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals” – Jim Rohn

Reflecting back on the day, both my business and home goals had progress made towards them thus, by measure of progress equaling success, today has been successful three times!

A nice reminder to slow down and put things into perspective and not go into self-beat-up mode!

If you’re reading this and thinking “Hey! I do that!” and think coaching can help get you to he Lifestyle you want to have, Email or call me at 239-878-2328… lets get to work!

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