November 13, 2010




Sure, its a bit of a slang term for sticking to something, but lets be real, it is what is really needed to grow, gain skills, learn something new..  or as some people like to think of as being on a track to success.

Watching my kids this week, aside from the great coaching from the parents who volunteered and stepped up to coach the kids teams this fall, I am just in awe at how much these boys of mine have grown. Their own sticktuitiveness has built confidence while it enhanced their own skills which they bring to the field for the game. The same sticktuitiveness that has them practice at 100% when at practice, that has them smile in every game regardless of the outcome.. that has them practice on their own without much prompting just for the sheer enjoyment of learning to play better so they can take their new A game to each practice or the game every week.

As adults we’re given the gifts of having kids, or friends who do, to remind us adults how sticktuitiveness benefits us in life. Whether its to excel in collegiate studies, a small business, or building a team for  network marketing, being able to stick through the tough times while learning from your challenges is how that next level will be attained. It won’t be a step up or push up from someone under you.. it happens with a huge leap!

An interesting thought.. the amount of sticktuitiveness will determine the amount of success, exponentially speaking of course.

If you’re having trouble with your sticktuitiveness, coaching can help! Give me a call, 239-878-2328, or email me ( and lets get to work!

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