June 24, 2011


Sports in Florida

I know I’ve had a little lapse in time since I wrote last. When things get busy, sometimes they get really busy! In true form with Spring coming, baseball in Florida got underway. This year had an unexpected surprise for me… all three of my boys were engaged in America’s Pastime in addition to my engagement working with the Minnesota Twins and their A Advanced team, the Miracle, here in Ft Myers.

Since 1888 Florida has been hosting Spring Training for baseball teams and currently still boats the highest number of teams of any state with two professional teams and 14 minor league teams. Legends in the world of baseball such as John Henry Lloyd, Al Lopez, Buck O’Neil, Bill White and Lou Piniella were born in Florida. Others such as Deion Sanders and Mike Greenwell honed their crafts in Southwest Florida and have gone on to have significant sports careers that influence our local youth here today.

Of course, just mentioning Deion Sanders also brings to mind football. With three professional football teams, three college teams having won the National Championship multiple times in the past two decades, and virtually every high school and major educational institution offering it as a sport, you can well imagine what fall in Florida is like. Even watching the NFL game the names of Florida local youth who have made it through the grind, college and combine are found on many teams. For many in Florida its not just a sport, its a way of life.. one of those little institutions of comradery that exists where there seems to be little feeling of ‘home town’ pride in what many see as the transient communities of Florida.

In recent years the introduction of Ice Rinks and a sport that’s foreign to most of us who have lived in Florida all our lives has also made an appearance. No, its not speed skating or figure skating but ice hockey. Fun to watch but hard to get ‘in to’ as I have yet to see someone who doesn’t have a Canadian accent playing the sport. I love watching the games live locally and sometimes on TV, and even cheered on our Tampa team when they won the cup a few years ago.. but I have trouble staying with it for the 9 months it seems to be played, eh.

Of course, Florida is also synonymous with a host of other sports. Golf seems to be one that many associate with Florida, though few I know actually play it. Diving and Fishing are highly participated in. Kayaking and paddle boarding seems to have developed into its own niche in recent years as it provides inexpensive ways to enjoy being on the water and getting exercise, sometimes mixing the diving and fishing in as well. And lets not forget Beach Volleyball!

No matter how you look at it, Florida is a state the beckons its residents to be outdoors. Gators, snakes and bugs are no match for the active people of Florida.. regardless of the heat you’ll find people out enjoying the beauty of what Florida has to offer virtually every day… though sometimes we have to duck and wait for a hurricane to pass by!


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