October 28, 2010


Social, Network… RELATIONSHIP Marketing!

network marketingOver the last few days I’ve been having some great discussions with friends. I’ve really been examining how I’ve been delving into the utilization of social networking and network marketing as ways I’ve been growing my businesses. While these terms definitely describe the mediums which are being utilized in order to spread the word around of what the businesses are, I’ve come to understand that what is happening more often than not is that I’m really planting seeds which, over time, have grown then at times yielding some fruitful returns. During the interim of the initial seed sowing, I had actually been nurturing the end result social network marketinginto being, or in more simple terms, building a relationship. So with that thought in mind, I’d like to think I’m coining  a new term for this, Relationship Marketing, but thats just not so. While the term exists, I’m proposing that this term get a new definition that is simply this:

Relationship Marketing (the Colin Bulla version): Utilization of Network and Social networking used in combination to create a relationship with potential customers, clients, or associates which over time converts them into paying customers, clients or associates. These customers, clients, or associates have a high degree of loyalty and trust with those who have enrolled them and take pride in the relationship which has been created.

While some who read this may disagree with me or have better verbiage, I think I get the concept across. Whether I’m working with potential Lifestyle Coaching clients or those who may be interested in creating an alternate recurring income stream such as I’m creating with Numis Network, it all boils down to creating a relationship before anything else is going to happen.

relationship marketing

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