November 4, 2010


Social drinking.. or is it?

OK, so I have been struggling with something lately. I’ve been seeing commercials all over TV about alcoholic beverages in virtually every social situation shy of kids sports games presenting it in a way that makes it appear as if it is totally acceptable to drink from sunrise to sunset. From “The Captain” throwing out first pitches at big league baseball games to wine and beer cameos showing up in virtually every TV show and commercial you can think of. Facebook status updates littered with “can’t wait for the weekend…” and references to their choices of alcoholic beverages they’re drinking or what was binged upon the night before.

Really, anyone who reads it or observes from a vantage point where there is more observation than participation might come to the conclusion that we are a society who cannot function unless we’re in an altered state of mind.

I know, some who know me might be saying “Colin, you’ve got room to talk..,” well, yes. In years gone by I had fallen into the circle of “Drink to be social to be social you should drink” but as I’ve aged its shown that its nothing more than a hoax of an idea. Many of the beverages which used to be consumed in quantities far beyond what they were meant to be have taken a different meaning for me as I’ve come to appreciate the craftsmanship in creation. Like a chef with masterpiece creations from its kitchens the true brewers create beverages which have a multitude of stories that the taste buds and olfactory senses tell.

Reality is, however, many of us cannot slow down to actually enjoy drinking a fermented or distilled beverage and enjoy the nuances and flavors brought about through its crafting. Some of us cannot partake at all. The results are sometimes create emotional shifts which effect relationships, even after one or two drinks. The effects aren’t immediately released either, and also carry forward into the next day at work effecting relationships, motivation, focus, judgement or all of the above while there as well.

If you’re a social drinker, I’m asking you to take this challenge.. try 30 days sober. Keep a journal of your experiences how you feel in the morning, what work and recreation time looks like, and even what your weekends look like. If you can make 30 days look at your journal and if you like what you see, consider going another 30 or 60 days..

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