February 1, 2011


Slow Down for HEALTH!

I have to be brutally honest, in years gone by this sickness I’ve had I would have gone to work and pushed through being sick, stuffed with medication of some sort, whatever it took to not use my dismal 5 sick days in JANUARY or come close to that precious 14 whopping days of vacation time.

The past few days, and being that I’ve been basically a work from home, independent contractor, do whatever it takes to create income guy since November of 2009, I chose instead to back burner forcing myself to do stuff and take direct care of myself with rest. Instead of lots of drugs, I chose hydration and extra doses of vitamins. What a crazy concept this is, right?

Strictly speaking this is completely a lifestyle choice to not do what Corporatiztion of America has trained me to do, bucking the norm of working through sickness and recognizing the need to take time to take care of myself so that I can come back stronger!

Which really brings up a thought.. do we as American’s really prize our days off over our health that much? A friend had posted a statistic about the vacation days a few days ago which I couldn’t remember. In good geek fashion I looked it up and found that www.timesizing.com had very recent information available.  To quote, “Americans have the shortest vacation in the developed world.”

days off
Latest: Expedia.com 2009 study, supplemented from earlier figures. †Average only; Not required by law

When you look at the spread of down time that other people in other countries receive, with the USA coming in 16th behind so many other countries around the globe, is it any wonder why I hear my friends or family members talk about stress, high blood pressure, relationship challenges, and more.. they don’t have time to SLOW DOWN,  RELAX and BREATHE, and most importantly enjoy what they have NOW! There are tremendous benefits to more vacation time and the benefits of having adequate time to rest and recreate that span from basic physical health to psychological.

If you’re a business owner, look at the company policy.. are you really giving employee’s adequate down time? Look at employee loyalty and turnover while thinking about it. If your self employed.. what does your schedule look like? Are you always working, traveling, etc.? Ask your wife, kids, or significant other, they’ll tell you how much down time you really take.

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