February 2, 2011


Simply Complex

So simply complex is how many of us live our lives. Well, you might, but not me. I’ve worked hard at removing the complex things in my life that were ridiculously adding stress or otherwise being a distraction so that I can focus on just that which will create income, recreation, and time with my family. When looking back on a day or week, I used to have so much more stuff incorporated into a 24 hour or 7 day span that I would hardly sleep, and when I did it was rough and stressful. Really, what did all the scatter create? What did all the unfocused dispersal of energy into many things really manifest?

Really when I look back, not  a whole lot. It looked really good, and it sure impressed the hooha out of people, but not much was created that was of any value or substance.  Thats not saying that occasionally something huge came out of the loosely choked buckshot of energy, but not nearly as well as the single blasts of totally focused energy, certainly not with the same results consistently either.

When looking at how your day or week is spent, are you finding  your time filled with idle distraction, projects, work, or activities that are simply there to keep you busy or occupied? Sitting in silence in a quiet room makes you uncomfortable? Struggle focusing on just one thing for 20-30 minutes without picking up the phone, answering a text, email, etc..? Thats in itself is what I mean by saying its Simply Complex.

Unplug, Slow Down.. you deserve it!

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