December 26, 2010


Simple Routine

As fun as it sounds to live life as if you’re on vacation, something which I’ve tried to do with some driving desire, something became fairly clear to me about two weeks into that lifestyle attempt: If I was to achieve any of my goals that I would need to have some sort of structure or routine to my day. Regardless of how it looked, but keeping it simple to 3 or 4 daily tasks that I aim to accomplish daily, just a structure to the day has helped me go a long way towards achieving or adjusting what tasks I’m working towards daily.

For instance, my routing usually looks like this:  waking at the same time daily about 7 AM, going through a routine of several morning tasks before 10 AM, tending to the Chickens at 1o AM letting them out of their coop checking for eggs, and tossing some scratch around for them.. taking a short bit of time to clear my head or meditate before attending to the goals for the day.

Your mileage may vary depending upon the day. However, if you’re struggling with creating your lifestyle or not achieving tasks, adding a simple routine can go a long way to making that possible!

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