January 6, 2011


Shifting effect..and support

I’ve had one of those days where plans shifted quickly which effected everyone in the household. Nothing life altering or drastic, but definitely enough to change plans for the whole day. Of course, this means that what I planned to do, what Kris planned to do, etc., did not get addressed and carries forward to tomorrow.. Saturday.. Sunday… having to figure out how and where to put the plans that were shifted today into smaller bits of action in order to make up for the lack of action on them…

Which leads me to the support..without the team approach we have in our household these shifts would be impossible. It would simply be a conglomerate of individuals ambling around doing their own things incapable of creating solutions and win/win means to secure successful of goal closures.

“Colin.. you’re confusing me..” OK..so think of it like this.. you’ve seen the slide puzzles where you have to get the tiles in the right order in order to have the solution. Thats pretty much all I’m getting at with this thought.. sometimes all we’re doing is sliding the tiles around till we get the right picture!

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  1. eduardo says:

    Thank you for responding all my questions
    i want to be “in” and look forward to meet that amazing team.
    Eduardo Alvear

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