December 16, 2010


Self image

I’m going to approach a subject that was talked about this evening at length. I won’t mention the participants to keep the story shorter and remove any stigmas which may come from it… besides, those who know who was there and thats all that matters anyway.

The art of self presentation starts daily when you first look in the mirror and have the image of who you are and what you do. The fun little mental conversation that sets the tone of who you are every day. This conversation supersedes any training, education, experiences, or whatever other side conversation comes into play that supports or degrades this central thought. I’m talking core essence conversation here.

You might blush, but it starts with our naked self image and keeps going into hair cut, facial hair or lack there of, the tone of muscles, posture, then starts to manifest in how we dress and present ourselves daily. Do we wear seemingly plain clothes or do we wear more flashy or stylish. Do we sit forward and slump in the chair, look down when others talk or do you sit straight up, confident in both speech and posture. Do we barely groom ourselves just doing the bare minimum to satisfy needs or do we take the extra time to do something special with our hair, iron our shirts or pants, etc.., so that others see our neat and tidy appearance.

This self image, the image we have of ourselves in our mind, how we approach each day. The self confidence we have when approaching everything we do every day is predetermined every day with how we get started with our minds eye then our own eyes in the mirror.

What are you doing to change your self image? Are you not achieving the goals you’re setting out for yourself every day? Do you see yourself as successful or struggling in from FEAR of judgement? All of this can be caused a low or poor self image. If you think coaching can help, call me at 239-878-2328 or email and lets get you started on a pathway to success!

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