January 19, 2011



Being the guy I am, I took a  retrospective moment on my day today. While I should have been more aggressive in my endeavors today, I wasn’t. I chose to be a little comfortable, after the kids left with Kris giving me some quiet time this afternoon, and take the quiet time for a little mental decompression time to reflect on what has worked for me over the last week and what hasn’t in terms of my approach to marketing business. I took time to reflect upon the weekend. I took time to review others successes in what worked for them recently and what I may draw from for inspiration going forward.

Without taking these moments of retrospect to investigate our past, that of others, and making our plans for our future steps I find that I’m doing nothing more than hopping on the Merry-go-Round in the playground of life and spinning till I get sick, bored,  or fall off.. or all of the above.

What are you doing to find the moments of retrospection in life? Are you doing that? How has this paid off for you when you do?

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