October 16, 2010


Releasing Expectation

by ColinBulla
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I have often been referred to as one of those people who have the knack to take lemons and make lemonade, even with situations or decisions which may not always be favorable to me. There’s no real secret… I’ve simply learned to let go of the outcome and just allow myself to be a part of the experience. Without any expectation of what the journey towards a goal should look like, I am free to have fun and be creative while achieving it.

For me the loss of a job has opened the door of opportunity to create a new career. The decision to sell my Jeep Wrangler provided the opportunity to purchase a car for cash and lessen my monthly financial responsibility. My shoulder injury that changed my life from a military career to a civilian one has put me on course to be married to my wife and the amazing children we have now. We moved from a condo we could not afford into a motor home.. in a state park on the beach as live-in volunteers!

By releasing expectations you are freeing yourself to enjoy the journey to the outcome, sometimes learning something new along the way!

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