January 7, 2011


Release and Renew

OK Computer geeks, no, this is not about IP addressing, although this could be used to explain to end users what on earth we just did to fix the problem..

Reality is, today I was in the midst of clearing out and cleaning up old tech equipment and getting it ready to go to a new home where it’ll get new use and life. It’s been a theme in the house this week to declutter, recycle, repurpose, or otherwise remove from our dwelling anything thats not necessary or excessive.

I’ve done this with contacts in my cell phone. To friends on FaceBook, to emails.. etc.. it’s always resulted in great returns.

Why? Quite simply because I am removing negative or stagnant energy from around me freeing the space to welcome something new…. or someone new.

Like the old addage, “Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!”  It does good to Release old things or ideas and Renew with new things, friends, and ideas!

By ridding myself of the old and welcoming new its brought several opportunities that have turned into financial gains for me in the past week… give it a try and see what it does for you!

Colin Bulla is a Certified Life Coach and Professional Network Marketer. Call 239-878-2328 or email colin@colinbulla.com to arrange an interview to receive coaching or to work with his amazing networking team of sharp men and women changing their financial stars!

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