January 13, 2011


Relationary Opposites

I love using a word that you can find with a search on Google, sometimes, that really isn’t incorrect or totally made up yet you cannot find the definition of it. But I digress from my true topic, in that I choose tonight to look at the Relationary Opposites and how they play the roles in relationships. I’m talking about the gender opposites that encompass a large portion of our society relationship opposites, but the opposites of personality, habits, and more.

These Relationary Opposites are often found within the personality quarks between a couple. One is neat and tidy, the other is a bit more loose and ‘rough guidelines’ about how they do things.  One may be on time or early to the point that others can set their watch by their punctuality, the other may be persistently 5 minutes to an hour late without feeling so much as a pang of stress over it. One may… well, you get the idea.

There are studies and books as to why these opposites are so attracted to one another (Venus and Mars as a gender difference explanation book for instance), but we really don’t need a lot of books to understand some basics of why we attract our opposites.

I’ll use myself as an example. I’m a bit of a gypsy rover at heart. I love to travel, meander around and see things..I probably wouldn’t even live in a house if I weren’t married to a wife who likes to have her ‘roots’ some place to call home. But I have to admit, its nice to have a routine place to drive home to after doing work or traveling somewhere… or at the very least give out the same phone number all the time.

It’s these subtle opposites in thoughts and desires coupled with our similarities that make our relationships special. Embracing of the little quirks which are different of our own allows for us to celebrate individuality within the relationships we’re in while sharing our lives and experiences together.

If you haven’t mentioned to your opposite about one of their little quips which is different from your own that you love, take a moment and share..

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