December 9, 2010


Quiet spaces

I know this sounds elementary in thought process, but it should be brought up that when you’re struggling to complete a task or stay focused it could be that there is just so much ambient noise that you’ve “tuned out” that you’re actually being distracted by the act of tuning it out!

Shifting locations within your house or going to a different place all together can help create that quiet space without the distracting noises which allows your mind to focus on the task at hand.

While I have been blessed to be creating work from my house, I am finding that I do have to move to other locations at times in order to remove the sounds and distractions of my familiar environment so that I may focus my energies on what I wish to complete. For me this can range from website editing, blogging, researching for documentation, or taking time to send important emails or follow up with phone calls.

Of course, quiet spaces can also allow for clearing of the mind and other positive benefits as well… how does it help you?

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