October 20, 2010


Quality of life.. or is it Lifestyle

So it was suggested to me that I write or share about the quality of life, or as I like to affectionately have been referring to it as, a shift in lifestyle. I’ve been on a quest to change my life’s path over the last year and to align how I work, what I do for work, and even producing income opportunities and income to fit a lifestyle that is healthier for me. Not for someone else, but for me. Why? Quite simply because there are a number of pre-existing conditions in my family which the former path of career and jobs was accelerating into play. With 3 beautiful kids and an amazing wife in my life, I absolutely did not want to prematurely leave them behind should these conditions come into play and end my life.. well, at any time!

I began pursuit of changing the story of who I am by working on myself. Realizing I have a passion for life coaching and personal growth, I decided to up the bar and pursuit of some higher level education and mentoring by someone who has been working at this high level for some time. Currently finishing the work on my Master Life Coaching certification with David Essel, this career path is now being realized into a recognizable form of existence fulfilling a passion to help others.

As a result, part of that has been redefining myself as an entrepreneur who is taking full advantage of his knowledge and skills to bring into play a business(s) which would both provide income for others who are creative free lancers, but also myself through forms of commissions and residual renewals. This has allowed me to embrace my technical knowledge and background to coach small businesses into websites and technical solutions to meet their needs while giving up the design and build control to another person.

Lastly, with the foundation of that being laid I also began looking for some alternative income source streams which to direct my energies. The rules for this were that it had to be something I was already passionate about, something which I had  enjoyed since I was young. It didn’t take long and I found myself aligning with Numis Network and have begun building a business which will allow me to both build wealth through the collection of the high graded coins but also create residual income.

While the path to this has been challenging, I have been focused on just exactly one thing. Creating the Lifestyle that I want to have in order to have the life with my family that allows me to enjoy life with them for a very long time. I’ve reduced stress, increased recreational time for physical activities, and am an engaged husband and parent who spends time with his family and not sitting at desk wishing I was outside playing with my kids.

If you’re reading this and wondering “I wish I could do that..,” call (239-878-2328) or email.. you deserve to have the lifestyle you want to live!

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