December 28, 2010


Plans not resolutions

As we approach 2011,bringing the current year to a close those who are new friends, readers, or otherwise haven’t known me more than a year will don’t know that I’ve forsaken the long honored tradition of Resolutions opting instead for creating an action plan for the year with a few specific goals, some action steps, and thats it. Why do I do this? Because quite frankly, a resolution is nothing more than the act of analyzing, determining or otherwise answering what needs to be resolved. It does nothing except to give a possible identity to an end goal which a person would like to attain. Once that is identified the rest should be easy.. 20% of your time planning the goal out with action steps needed to complete it and 80% action to get it done! Simple right?

Thats the short and skinny of it and where I’ll stop tonight.

If you’re struggling with creating goals and taking action in your life, coaching may be for you. I can help guide you through a process of discovering that One Thing holding you back, and coupled with coaching can help get you on the path to growth and success that will change your life taking the humdrum of the daily grind out replacing it with the pursuit of that dream of fun that you’ve always wanted! Call 239-878-2328 or email and lets get started today!

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