December 25, 2010


Planning ahead..

As simple as it sounds, our kids Christmas shopping was was done weeks before the holiday season even came into being. Sure, there were some odds and ends for the little things that were unknown variables, but what our kids received this year was largely completed by roughly September. It was also done on a budget of less than $100 overall. Why? Simply speaking, Planning ahead. A goal with action steps taken, one at a time, covering three kids and a few family members, some home school group interactions.. and the end was achieved without stress and ready to go. Did I mention that the entire thing was kept incredibly inexpensive? Since we’ve forsaken debt years ago, opting instead to be a cash family, we’ve found that better results have returned from just stopping spending when out of money. This played into the planning very well in that it required for us to ensure that deals were literally sought after if we were to remain in budget and acquire what we wanted for the kids.

And there you go.. a short and sweet blog on how Planning Ahead can be beneficial! Low stress and staying in budget! 🙂

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