February 5, 2011


Pay it Forward

You’ve probably heard the phrase Pay it Forward.. but have you ever considered what it means? In short it means that when an act of kindness is shown to you without expectation of one in return, then you show one to someone in the same fashion, thats Paying it Forward. Cascading acts of kindness.

For the past few weeks I’ve been taking my oldest to some baseball clinics presented by the Minnesota Twins. The players and coaches are out in the community giving back to the working with the youth players in the baseball systems. These clinics are free and give great access to the up and coming stars of the team as well as allowing kids, parents and coaches to learn from the pro’s with hitting, throwing and catching.

This type of Pay it Forward activity helps inspire those who are currently leaders within the community and instills the importance of volunteering to help, guide or teach others without expectation to the younger group who are in attendance.

As for my own son who has been privileged with several opportunities of receiving this great coaching, its my hope that he in turn is doing the same thing when he’s a pro player, coach, dad or whatever his path in life takes him, and giving wherever he’s able.

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