August 26, 2010


Pathways of Personal Growth – our 2010

For those curious, yes, Kris and I have done personal growth work for a number of years now. There are many approaches which one can take. Some are amazing eye openers to the world of personal growth, some let you expound upon one particular facet of it (business coaching, mind/body/spirit workshops, etc.).

I’ve found the work with all of these avenues fascinating and enlightening, but none have delved as deep into the PERSON seeking to grow, that spirit which has is that driving fiery force that drives the soul as the work David Essel presents. Davids work brims with life experiences of his own, the seeking of the kindred spirit within which is waiting to break free and fly. Where a weekend workshop stops, he’s just beginning. Granted, we may have received so much more from it because our previous experiences had brought us up to another level of openness and willingness to delve into the work with genuine pleasure for the adventure.. I couldn’t imagine where we’d be without our foundation work we’ve applied ourselves to previously.

I am unbelievably grateful for the Journey which opened the my eyes to the many previously unseen exits down the paths of discovery.

Our 2 minutes of fame sharing a testimonial with David:

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