December 19, 2010


Password Security

I can’t help but notice the number of friends who have had a password hack issue on Facebook or email lately. It’s no fault of theirs, it’s probably never been a topic of discussion or a need to have their password to be any more secure than their pet or spouses name or “1,2,3,4,5”.

One of the more delicate jobs I’ve had over the years in IT has been coming up with and enforcing more complex password schema’s for not just our servers, but enforcement across the user base as well. The first time you share with a user that they cannot use “fluffy” as a password or leave it as our default “password” used to log in the first time with their account, most users go quiet and get a dejected sort of look. This has led me to creating a little visual reference to help people get over this challenging hump of wondering what to use.

Lets start with some suggestions for a more complex password is to have a mix of CAP and lower case, numbers, and if allowed symbols as well (e.g !@#$%^&*~).

Example of least to more complex:
least: password
more: PassWord
tough: P@ssw0rd
complex: !p@$.\/\/0rD%

Hopefully this will get some of you thinking of some creative ways to keep using “Fluffy” or whatever it is that you use for a password while making it more secure!

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