December 20, 2010


Owner or Owned?

Yeah, you read that right: Owner or owned? Which one are you? Are you the business owner who has the vision, who is that infallible perfectionist who is the purveyor of knowledge which no other can match.. the chef who hasn’t got one measuring tool in the kitchen except to show the doubters that you can measure a cup or tablespoon by eye or hand alone.. or the mechanic who can tell what is wrong with a car with subtle sounds that nobody else hears but them… the technical guy who counts beeps and knows what the problem and fixes it before another technician can find the reference sheet online. Even if I haven’t mentioned your profession, you know who you are or know someone who this describes to a T!

Guess what?? While this person may be the business owner or entrepreneur, the real secret is this person is also owned by their business. Some, over time, have even come to resent their business since their passion has now come to be their life in ways that don’t allow them to take a break and relax. You’ve become your businesses best employee!

But wait… isn’t the goal of having your own gig to create more freedom to do what you want to do in life, to increase your personal income so that you’re being paid what you believe you’re worth while providing a service or product that everyone wants and will travel from miles around to procure for themselves?

So what happened? Why are you the employee?

While circumstances may vary, in a very general way what happened is you’ve forgotten to train someone to take over. You’ve missed instilling the passion. You’ve missed hitting on what it was about your dream business that is your inspiration. You haven’t conveyed your vision clearly enough! But you’ve also missed finding the vision of those who you’re working for or doing work for and aren’t able to inspire them to be passionate while pursuing their visions as well.

Thats where I’ll leave this thought for tonight. Honestly, its a common mistake… one which can be corrected if you’re willing to work at making some changes. When I come back to the thoughts of Entrepreneur or Employee, it’ll be explored a little deeper.

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