December 22, 2010


Outside of the comfort zone

There is nothing better than to take your core skills, knowledge, and experience and putting it to use outside of your comfort zone. Not only is it an opportunity to create extra income or give back to the community, but it can be a great confidence builder as well.

By being outside of the comfort zone you can demonstrate  abilities and talents. This in turn allows others the opportunity to provide constructive feedback or give compliments, either of which allows you to grow and move forward with the confidence of where you ‘stand’ and make adjustments if necessary.

Beyond that, the bonus of being able to learn something new.  All to often, without realizing it, we find ourselves buried into an area of comfort with ‘what we know is what we know’ forgetting to push the envelope with that inevitable human curiosity to search for more.

If you’re feeling comfortable with something in your life, do something different to push the boundaries.. get up out of the Lay-Z-Boy of life and push your comfort zone!

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