November 3, 2010


Outside matching the inside…

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror before you left and thought “oh yeah, this is me today!” and proceeded to go about your day? That is such a cool gift when the whole day matches how you look.. but what about those days when you get dressed and never even think that how you look outside is really matching the inside.

Here’s a prime example. Today, I really never looked in the mirror..well, I did at my hair noticing that it was getting longer and I looked myself in the eyes and shared my daily mantra with my inner self.. past that I didn’t really pay attention. As my afternoon and evening progressed, I was receiving more responses than usual, people actually engaging in eye contact and communicating. At some point towards the end of my evening, I stood and stretched and happened to catch reflection in the mirror near by.. wearing my black doo-rag on my head, dark blue athletic shirt and shorts, unshaven mostly.. but the bulldog look softened a bit by my wry smile.

Really, its hard to say what works better.. when dressing for ‘success’ based on what we think others want or expect or successfully dressing without expectation of anything more than being ourselves for the day.  I certainly took notes today on peoples reaction and will over the next few weeks to see if I can fine tune or tweak my choices of clothing to meet the ‘expected look’ for some obligations without sacrificing the comfort of dressing with what really matches me.

What I’m equally interested in learning is how will this effect the interactions with those I’m working with to grow my Lifestyle coaching and network marketing businesses. Do people really put that much stock into how you look vs. looking like who you really are?

I would love to have feed back on this from others as well. Reply below, send an Email to me, or call me at 239-878-2328 to share or discuss!

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