August 26, 2010


One thing or Quads… why I choose One Thing.

Yes, the quad lay out, like a target with cross hairs is good. It provides an excellent way to snapshot exactly how the shotgun pattern of life is working and gives a reference for how we, as the one who is in charge of making the adjustments, can adjust the choke so that with each day when we take action we are fine tuning our spray pattern on the target.


Buckshot Target
Notice the little focus all over the target.

However, I have yet to find a way short of cutting up the target or shooting it practically point blank that all the scatter has hit equilateral in the target.. every now and again close, but not equal ever. This is how my life under living in quads for daily usage has been, scattered and trying to throw to much at the target consistently to achieve this mythological balance.

Methodology switch to the QUAD is still there for reference, however, its not a daily single shot action packed blast. Instead, using solid slugs with a singular purpose. Writing, reading, meditating, etc, focusing on this “Thing” (whatever it may be) for only an hour, thats it. The One Thing getting full focused blast for that time frame and not worrying about anything else the application had greater impact, greater understanding and moved closer to achieving the goal faster than shooting 100 rounds of buckshot.

Visual 2:

Shotgun slug's hit the target with more deliberation
Notice the deliberate adjustments until the center is hit

The other areas receive their love to, but let face it, most of us already know how to get the areas we do easy anyway, its how we’ve avoided getting exactly what we want the entire time! Is it really fear of failure or is it fear of actually being successful? Repressed anger, even from years before can be your hidden viper that doesn’t even have a cute pig face. Suppressed shame. Thats getting down into the one thing and working it. Thats how you make a difference in someones life, thats when real personal growth takes a LEAP forward not some hidden baby step. The real fun is getting to the true honest no bullshit root cause and that can sometimes take weeks of dedicated writing and work to “Know thyself.”

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