May 19, 2010


Oil Spill and Resources

by ColinBulla
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One of my main goals for me was to get my SCUBA diving groove back on track with 100-120 dives a year. Not only have I had a variety of obstacles come up that have redirected me from getting gear maintenance handled. The actions and poor reaction in the Gulf of Mexico really makes this a moot point under it’s current progress as it appears it will effect every area I enjoy diving and getting my ZEN time.

As I revisit the grief process of watching the Gulf of Mexico, the home body of water I grew up on, learned to fish on, commercial crabbed, swam, played, dived being assaulted with chemicals and nutrients all by man directly and indirectly and for the first time in my life I truly understand how the American Indians must have felt through the course of the 1800s in the great American Push westward. Yet, there is still a hope for recovery. That strange little glimmer sparkle of lights that says “something more is yet to come” and I keep focused on that impending next step while grieving, dropping a tear or few at times, at the loss that not just me but everyone I know and more is going to be working through as the effects of this incident begin to surface.

Last night I was compelled to add a page to my website (, Oil spill News and Resources, and added the counter on it that PBS has. I suppose this is my way of getting it out of my head and figuring out where I fit in the equation.

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