October 2, 2012


October.. Fall.. new energy..

by ColinBulla
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Yes, the year has blown by with hardly any thought as to how quickly time is traveling by and nothing flowing into my blog! In some ways maybe that’s a good thing as I’ve had many amazing new experiences that have included a few obnoxious challenges that have created paradigms which never would have been seen otherwise. Without hardly a thought its October of 2012.. FALL!

I think its time to start a new blog series challenge that covers what has happened in the year since my move to NC and what was actually behind the ideation process which has created the small farm that we currently call Bulla Homestead.

For now, its Fall here in Central North Carolina and with fall the beckoning of the Cider Mills purveying the fall staples of Hot Apple Cider, apple picking, and shops filled with wonderful delights from

Apple Orchard Conga
Doing the Conga with my boys as we head in to get fresh apple cider, cider slushes and hot cider! 🙂

other local farms are in order..

Some of the topics I’ll be writing about this fall will be music and the influence of local music encouraging me to play more often for fun than I ever have in my life.  What its like to be building a small homesteading farm, the successes, frustrations, even what its cost in time or finances to do this and the rewards of it all. I’ve also decided it might be a great time to divulge a bit about my profession in technology. Of course all of this revolves around my number one profession of being a father and husband, or is it husband and father… I suppose it depends on the day as to which shows up first… right?

Anyway.. get ready for the brain dumping, I hope you enjoy what comes from it all!


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