October 9, 2012


My New Deal…

by ColinBulla
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How quickly a week has gone. Since the last post the Cider Mill has been visited again to get a huge box of apples to process into apple sauce and other apple delights my wife see’s fit.

Since last years blogging spree, a move has happened for us. I’ve moved the family from the beaches of Southwest Florida to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. When I left off left with blogging I was writing a history of Florida, with some interspersed Personal Growth and personal family experiences. What I feel I may have missed out on with my writings is how my wife and I have been on a journey to self sustainability shucking the need of having a store provide our basic food needs, instead opting to grow our own without need of genetic modifications or pesticides. The journey into urban homesteading set a bug loose. We began to realize that we needed more space. We wanted more than a few chickens and ducks.

Sparing the details for now, the opportunity to shift.. move, and take a job in a new location with the opportunity to grow our homestead was presented. Passing up opportunities has become a habit I rarely do anymore. The end result is we are creating abundance in many ways. The shift is allowing us all the opportunity to thrive!

And that brings us to now.. we have our chickens and ducks still despite a local fox’s best effort to do otherwise. We’ve added three goats, two horses and a donkey as well. Our plethora of bunnies has found a much better home at a local petting zoo though we did keep our ultimate favorite, the mini-rex who now has a boyfriend as well.

In the meantime, our first paddock that does not have orange barricade fencing  to keep the goats safe inside has reached completion. There was a mix of re-purposing existing fence on the property and installing new fence and t-posts to create the enclosure. While the task took much longer than it should have, thanks to the ground hornets that stung then were conquered and bushes with thorns that tangled and at times dead heat of the day with mosquitoes in assault mode, the end results are here. We’ve created a tame coexistence of extended living area for our domesticated flocks while minimizing our impact upon the property. Of course, the animals will eventually make their impact, but as is being seen already in what we affectionately refer to Paddock 1, as it is getting a break from the impact of so many animals, signs of new growth are already coming up.

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