October 15, 2010


A new challenge…

by ColinBulla
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OK.. so I’ve been challenged with writing for 360 days in a row and thought that my passive hobby of collecting graded coins and growing within the organization would be a great way to augment my Technology and Lifestyle Coaching practice.

Recently I decided to join a company called Numis Network. It’s a bit of a win/win for me. I Love coins, having collected them all my life, the bonus is that I can share my love of collecting with others as well as earn income from enrolling others into the coin of the month and building their network of people as well. This also works for me as I’m a social person who talks to people all the time!

It also fits my goals and interests in that I am collecting assets that appreciate in value due to scarcity (not just gold and silver prices on the market, which is more of a side factor), but an asset I can pass to my kids without the IRS delving their claws into it for a share. Double bonus, they also make great gifts to family and friends for birthdays, holidays, etc.,… one which they’ll likely hold onto for a very long time, if not forever.

A personal bonus is for me is that in terms of personal growth, this encourages me to continue to reach out to people, meet new people, and push my comfort zone every day.

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