August 15, 2010


Career tweaking

Some people think of a ‘work week‘ as a 5 day thing, with a series of hours of ‘expected‘ work. I’ve been changing how I  look at the work times, meaning that when I’m focusing on creating the life I want, I’m working.

Curiously, when I did a little audit, I found that I spend a little time every day writing a note, working on stuff for a client, or networking with people. Essentially, it means that in one way or another I am working every day… a little. I really don’t mind as it takes advantage of my personality traits,  who ‘I’ am and what I do, which is what attracts people to me. The funny thing is I find that I get as much more done over the course of a week as I did when I was in that ‘8 hour‘ climate. I had to literally take a step back and really evaluate myself  to realize that I could break my day up into meaningful chunks to meet my obligations and family time which is creating a great balance in my life overall.

While there may be a workplace that embraces this lifestyle, its been my experience that no place I’ve worked can support a person with the visionary entrepreneurial spirit that I have. If this sounds like you maybe you’re mistyped in your job… I sure know I have been for 15 years.

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