October 23, 2010


Masks we wear..

It’s funny, I’ve had two ideas of what to write about tonight. I’ll save one for tomorrow and work off the other tonight, the other I’ll write about right now. It’s funny how sometimes people can use exactly the key words to describe what they’re doing to hold themselves back or not be genuine and authentic. Tonight which chatting to a long time friend,  he used the term “mask” to describe how interaction sometimes occurs.

masks of emotionMasks… what a  great way to describe the way that so many in society use to hide their true authentic self from others. Whether it’s FEAR (false evidence appearing real) or being scared of what others may think, its this strange social phenomena which paralyzes us from being ourself. It’s even further stigmatized by the media in the news and sitcom TV shows.

Just to be clear, one of my favorite traits of my friend is that he’ll slap you in the face and say “wake up” and dust off your ass and say “get back in the fight” all in the same motion.. yet to so many of those around who is a true friend he’s got the mask of “tough guy.” Yet as much as that has been a mask which has worked for him in the past, all he truly desires is to have that mask of a caring, nurturing man seen. The genuine self.

congruency of innerself to outerselfWhat an amazing lesson in transformation and the desires of people, our friends, to be recognized for their true inner self. Once we accept ourselves for who we are then approach the world congruent with our inner self and what we present to others, life will start to accelerate in ways only dreamed of!

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