October 24, 2010


Making a Plan

One of the most common themes I find when interviewing new potential clients is that many of them have a plan *in their head* but few ever have anything written down. I often ask them how thats working out for them with a mixed medium of answers, but generally none of them have achieved even the first step of any of the goals they want to have.

Action Plan
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I have to admit, I used to have this problem to. As I’ve aged I started following the advice and guidance of having a written plan in place and following a laid out plan of steps I believed needed to be achieved in order to get to the end result. This to has gradually given way to having a few milestones of achievement with a desired end result while surrendering to faith and intuition guide through the process. Some may think this is crazy, but I’ve got to be honest, its had greater success and considerably less stress than having the expectations of meeting every small step along the way.

Where are these plans used? Aside from the obvious of a business plan, it can be applied to a personal plan, a family plan, a financial plan for business or personal, a marketing plan, an exercise plan.. you name it.

Regardless of the intent, a plan will have three major components.

The recipe for business success is following an action plan that has the power to transform your efforts in smashing results. Consistency is key, of course, but a booming plan is just as important for a big-time growth. So, what can you do today to make sure you take the right steps at the right time, jogging down the right path? (N.B.: not walking nor running, but jogging – we want to make the progress fast, yet energizing, right?)

Decide upon a theme
The first component of a triumphant action plan is getting clear on the theme that will be the star in your business sky for a predetermined period of time, for instance, a year or the next six months. What’s the one aspect or area of your business you know you need to focus on right now? Where do you most want to witness a quantum leap forward? Which word or phrase will be your next guiding star to success? It could be efficiency, visibility, connections, partnerships, team, systematization, growth, innovation, positioning, simplicity or fun – to name but a few. You can also use any of your business values as a theme, or any mindset gem that will make you shine.

Map out your big vision and establish your direction
Choosing your theme is closely linked to outlining your big vision, so do it in unison. Close your eyes and imagine yourself a year from now, then three years from now, and finally ten years from now. What do you do? What kind of lifestyle do you have? What makes you happy? Tap into your deepest desires and be as specific as possible. Figuring out the victories you want to experience will indicate the direction you should orient your business in. Your vision is the umbrella for all your goals, it’s a compass to consult every time the everyday circumstances change and goals need to be adjusted.

Set specific and measurable goals
Armed with both a direction and a theme, you can now concentrate on designing the bits and pieces of action that will make your vision a reality. Determine the projects – the complex building blocks of your success – first, then chunk them down into simpler, doable tasks. This way, you’ll slam the door on overwhelm and get it all done much faster, with less procrastination and more enthusiasm. Achieving a goal every time you complete a task will also boost your motivation and propel you toward bigger and even more spectacular goals. Just wait and see. Detailed, time-conscious and verifiable planning will eventually reward you with a smashing success.

Portions of this article were published with permission of the original author*.
*About the Author: Martina Srblin, “The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur” and expert at turning passions and ideas into efficient success, teaches heart-centered entrepreneurs how to efficiently build, run, and grow their multi-faceted business empire, so they can regain control of their lives, and fully monetize their gifts and talents. Visit http://www.themultipassionateentrepreneur.com to get “The 4 Basic Types of Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs (and a ‘Bonus’ 5th One)” audio, take the “What Type of a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur are You?” quiz, and claim your free subscription to Martina’s weekly Ezine “The Efficient Passionista’s Sphere of Success”.

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