February 8, 2011


Make a connection..

We’ve seen them.. the veterans wearing their WWII, Vietnam, or branch of service hats. Sometimes women to. They’re parents, and grandparents, aunts and uncles.. all proud service veterans who have sacrificed of their time so that we all may have the opportunity to make a choice of how to live our lives. They also provide the most amazing opportunity to reach out and make a personal connection.

Using the hat as an invitation, reach out a hand for a handshake and thank them for their service time and sacrifice.

I’ve used this practice for most of my life and have been blessed with the most amazing stories shared from harrowing combat experiences to hilarious pranks, jokes or otherwise non-life threatening unbelievable outcome stories. I’ve had a few tears shed from stories of buddies KIA to other horrific atrocities which are seen in combat operations.

The point being that more times than not, that little beacon of membership into the small community of currently active and those who have served in the past is a quiet way of being an invitation to connect to people who care about what they volunteered to protect.

I’ve been told that my moment to connect has cheered one up from depression that had besieged him all week. Others have shared that I was the first person other than than his parents who had ever appreciated his service and sacrifice…

I challenge you, friends and readers, to reach out to a Veteran.. make a connection.. you never know when you’ll make a difference in someones day.. or life!

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