October 22, 2010


Lifestyle changes

Kayak Sunrise Today as part of my quest for continued lifestyle change, I had the opportunity to meet with a friend I met through my journey to grow as a Lifestyle Coach and we addressed our coaching session a little differently. I packed the kayaks on the roof and had them ready at the waters edge at sunrise for us to paddle offshore and greet the day while in the serene setting of being on the water as the sun was rising above the horizon. There was some ulterior motive to this in that it was to also allow him to try out an activity that would be low impact and low stress on his body but allow some physical activity to take place in an enjoyable setting.

Today was no disappointment as the Gulf of Mexico was flat with a light breeze noticeable offshore some and absolutely clear! With birds in flight and an abundance of fish near shore breaking the surface, we were treated to a spectacular way to start the day.

Part of our discussion centered around exactly this lifestyle shift in that we were able to truly enjoy entire start to the day without worry of rush to the office and dreaming of being outside. We were addressing the need for physical activity in our lives while releasing ourselves from the stresses that we used to have as part of our daily lives making them bearable at best..

No more living for the weekend, we live the life fulfilling our dream every day..If you’re reading this and wondering “I wish I could do that..,” call (239-878-2328) or email.. you deserve to have the lifestyle you want to live!

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